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First browntrout hooked in 2020.

The date was 23rd of February 2020 when Tore Bergengen and I headed for a river in Valdres in Norway. It was pretty cold and windy but the temperature was on the plus side. As we parked the car by the river bank and ran down to the water, we could verify that there were no insects on the surface. Class 6 flyrod was made ready with a sink leader and a sculpin at the end of the tippet. I know this river so I located myself where I had luck previous seasons.

Believe it or not, but on the 3rd cast I felt a tug on the line and a fish was hooked. I was excited as I reeled in the line and landed a 950 gram brown trout. The first one this season.

I felt a relief as I kept fishing on. The water was cold and my toes were freezing but the thought of catching another one kept me warm. For a few hours it was no luck so we decided to call it a day. I told Tore that I wanted a few more casts as he changed to warmer clothes. And it was gonna be my lucky day as my last cast hooked a nice 1,2 kilo brown.

I always wonder if I am an idiot going for fishing so early in the season, but after that day I kind of felt that a long winter is going to an end and that a new season is born despite still cold temperature.

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