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Hello and thanks for visiting my site. is a site where I post photos and videos related to flyfishing mainly and outdoor activity. You can also find some flies and flytying here. I might also write a blog once and a while. Feel free to explore my page.



BORN 1973



I am a husband and a father of two kids. Flyfishing and flytying are my hobbies, although I am a better angler than a flytyer. My target is mostly brown trout, but sometimes I might fish for salmon and sea trout.

I got my first flyfishing rod back in 1995, but a long run of studies made it hard for me to develop my skills before around 2008. After that I have been fishing a lot.

During the Norwegian flyfishing season I roam around mostly in southeast of Norway, mainly along rivers but occasionally in small lakes and ponds.

I want to emphasize that angling is just my hobby and I am not a professional angler in any way. I just like to keep some nice memories in photos and videos and I think social media is a nice way to do that so you can share experiences and memories with others with same interest.

I hope you can enjoy my site and thanks for clicking in here.

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